Looking out the window in NYC right now, Nemo is looking pretty weak. Still, all the talk of monster blizzards battering the northeast has got folks ready to bunker down and wait out the weather. Today’s a day to watch movies and overeat. Here are a few cooking ideas from around the web, with a strong bias toward cold-weather comfort food:

  • Food 52: Marian Bull figures you might as well go for a round of savory and sweet baked goods along, with soups with substance. She collected seven notable recipes, such as orange scented olive oil sticky buns by fiveandspace and leek risotto courtesy of nicolecooks.
  • The Kitchn: Check out a warming mix of cocktails, pastries, and hearty grains “to chase away the blizzard blues.”
  • The New York Times: Maria Newman of NYT gives “three of [their] favorite comfort food recipes, which are the no-knead bread, mac and cheese, red lentil soup with lemon.