This past week, several developments involving food supplies in different countries reinforced just how varied—and sometimes extreme—circumstances are these days. And that applies to our own backyard as well: About 47.6 million Americans lean on a monthly average of $134.55 in SNAP benefits, while 40% of our food end up in landfills.

Here are some other notable food-supply stories from the past week:

  • The Egyptian government is encouraging its citizens to cut down on their food intake by not overeating, as a way to deal with the price inflation and food shortages. (The Washington Post)
  • China’s Communist Party chief Xi Jiping has called for a nationwide stance against food waste. (The Atlantic)
  • A man was trampled among the fray of dozens of people rushing toward a fruit and vegetable giveaway. Farmers gave away 55 tons of produce in Athens, Greece as a show of protest. (RT)
  • Venezuelans are trying to make do without pantry staples like cooking oil, sugar, and maize flour amidst a food shortage. (The Economist
  • The World Food Program is seeking $57 million to help provide 1.6 million Somalians with food. (Voice of America)