As much as the Los Angeles food landscape has evolved in recent year, the layout of the city still dictates a clear culinary line between the east and west sides. Los Angeles TimesĀ food critic Jonathan Gold weighed on the best of each side during a recent stop-by on Evan Kleiman’s Good Food on KCRW.

On the Eastside vs. Westside issue, Gold draws the dividing line at the Los Angeles River and explains how the two parts of the city differ: “It’s not that they’re a little different or they’re taking influence from one New York chef as opposed to another New York chef, it’s that instead of having Mexican restaurants that are appealing to a non-Mexican crowd you get Mexican restaurants catering to a Mexican crowd, you get Chinese restaurants where the chefs are cooking for Chinese.”

On the Eastside, he chooses Elite in Monterey Park and Shanghai No. 1 Seafood in San Gabriel as his favorite spots. The best of the Westside can be found at Javan in Santa Monica, Tasting Kitchen in Venice, and Superba Snack Bar in L.A. Check out the article for the rest of his picks.

[via Los Angeles Times]