The average supermarket is a product of meticulous planning, but Whole Foods seems to take this truism to a whole other level. ABC News report on some of the business practices that make the Austin chain nearly three times more valuable than Safeway, including “having that small army of [specialists] to source quality over quantity.”

Two key members of this team are Harv Singh, a regional local product ‘forager’, and Executive Whole Body coordinator Jeremiah McElwee. They are actually more like “major league baseball scouts” looking for the best possible products to stock on the shelves. They tend to worry less about costs than company values like “fair trade” and “humanely-treated livestock.”

Even the produce is selected with ideals in mind as well. ABC News captured an exchange between owner of Lakeside Organic Gardens Dicky Peixoto and Bob Flood, a Whole Foods field and quality inspector, in which a red leaf lettuce is assessed for its aesthetic value.  

[via ABC News]