In case you haven’t been following all of the corporate-fueled excitement, Lay’s is currently hosting a “Do Us a Flavor” contest—hosted by Eva Longoria and celeb-chef Michael Symon—to find the next great potato chip flavor. Fans were able to submit their flavor ideas through October of last year.

The Frito Lay website says the three finalists will hit stores next Tuesday, February 12, at which point the public can vote on the overall winner. But today we caught wind of a curious photo that makes us wonder if the cat’s already out of the bag. Look at the photo above and tell us that doesn’t appear to be a very real bag of Chicken & Waffles flavored chips, presumably dreamed up by some unsung American hero. And how about this one on Instagram? Or this one, which also reveals another new flavor: Cheesy Garlic Bread. And THIS ONE, which reveals the third: SRIRACHA. Where in the country are these out already??!!

Pinterest and Facebook have a bunch of the other submissions, including fig gastrique (FOH) and feta-and-watermelon. There’s even a submission from sister brand Cheetos: Gouda Gondola in Molten Mozz.

Frito Lay’s has already run similar contests in other countries, generating new flavors like Caesar Salad, Chilli & Chocolate, and Cajun Squirrel. At the end of last year, the brand also teamed up with parent company PepsiCo. to create chicken-and-Pepsi chips, based on a popular fusion dish. Sadly, none of these varieties are available stateside.

But there’s still hope for us poor Americans: If we get those chicken-and-waffle jumpoffs, we will once again be kings of the chip-eating universe.

[via Channel4011]