Motivated by a sense of adventure and bolstered by keen control over her gag reflex, Vice’s Megan Boyle conducted a taste test of canned and dry cat foods.

After making what appeared to be a drunken dare, Boyle weighed her options the next day and figured that she’d “eventually end up dead, but the [scenario] where [she’d] eat cat food seemed more exciting.”

For the experiment, she chose five different kinds of cat food with no particular criteria set. The points of analysis, however, were more concrete. For each brand on trial, she looked at its packaging, aroma, texture, and flavor. She rounded out each test with a beverage and followed up with closing remarks. 

So what can we take away from her taste test? In an apocalypse situation where you have only these five cat-food options available, you’d probably be better off with Purina Cat Chow: Naturals Plus Vitamins & Minerals.

[via Vice]