You know an issue is not all that serious when it’s reported against the backdrop of Jeffrey Osborne ballad—incidentally, that’s exactly how NBC Today Show decided to cushion the delicate news of Americans heading toward a “chicken wing crisis” this Super Bowl Sunday.

Essentially, we are facing higher prices for the popular game-day snack. Michelle Franzen reports the increase for wholesale prices have gone up to 10%, and retail prices are up to 6%. Football fans are expected to consume up to 1.23 billion wings, “enough to stretch from San Francisco to Baltimore 27 times.”

Rising food costs are no joke, and we’re not above dramatizing the raised cost of game-day snacks. But this whole thing has definitely been blown way out of proportion by the mainstream media. For a nice synopsis of what’s really going down, check out the video below via Serious Eats. Essentially, there’s a chain reaction going on: Drought led to a poor corn crop, which led to higher corn prices, which led to higher chicken feed prices. Oh, and the NCC has a political agenda in all this, of course.

In reality, the “shortage” is actually just 12.3 million chicken wings fewer than expected, which is “less than 1% of the overall chicken wing supply.”

Did we learn nothing from Aporkolypse?


[via NBC Today Show]