A couple week ago, Anthony Bourdain was sitting on his couch tweeting about iCarly and wondering why the show’s characters have such dysfunctional relationships. But yesterday, he experienced a form of hell that more of us can relate to: Being stuck at the airport waiting for a delayed flight. (The part about being bound for the Cayman Islands? Maybe not as relatable, but we feel his pain nonetheless.)

Anyway, Bourdain’s sarcastic updates on the situation took a turn from amusing to laugh-out-loud ridiculous when he dropped this bomb: “Latest news is it took #AA two hours to admit a passenger dropped a wet deuce on a seat. Need to change planes.”

Slightly unclear whether or not he was joking, but the whole episode is worth reliving if you missed it. Tony never tweeted the end of the story, so hopefully he’s sitting on a beach by now, drowning the memories of soiled shorts with a few pina coladas in the sun.

Click through the gallery above to see Bourdain’s airport nightmare.

[via Twitter/@Bourdain]