Amidst seismic shifts in technology and power dynamics, Hollywood still prefers lunch as its go-to business meal. The Hollywood Reporter reports that the industry tradition is very much alive; in fact, it’s looking fresher than it did, say, 10 years ago. 

While today’s major players are less likely to use a midday meal to wheel and deal, lunch meetings remain a strategic aspect of the business, often used to form closer professional ties, or to cross the t‘s and dot the i‘s on arrangements already brokered. 

The food and drink on the table has evolved, too. “[I]ced tea is the new martini. Just about everyone’s on a special diet, regardless of whether the intent is to lose weight. It’s rare to find people tarrying at their tables beyond an hour and a half. And folks are generally more conscious of cost.” Instead of Morton’s, the current set of execs and creatives can be found at Cafe Gratitude in Larchmont, a Mid-City neighborhood friendly to parents of pets, kids, or both.

[via The Hollywood Reporter]