Like many major cities of the 21st century, Berlin has seen the growth of a culinary scene that is a mashup of its old-school traditions and the influence of more recent immigrants. While some locals complain feel as a hostile hipster takeover of the city, most would agree that the food has improved as it has become more diverse. Writing Condé Nast Traveler, Guy Martin put together a short list of five restaurants that represent contemporary Berlin:

  • Maothai: This 20-year-old Thai restaurant in East Berlin might be the best in all of Europe, says Martin.
  • Hasir: Just one of many places where you can find great Turkish food, thanks to the large Turkish community.
  • Pappa e Ciccia: An Italian joint that features handmade pastas, organic meat, and game from local farms.
  • Café Gagarin: The bistro reflects a time of Russian military presence in the city; expect borscht and pelmeni, as well as an array of vodkas.
  • Maroush: The restaurant is “renowned in Berlin for its chicken, its lamb, its hummus, its tabouleh, and its truly awesome falafel, not to mention its fresh-mint tea.”

[via Condé Nast Traveler]