You’ve seen it on the weary faces of coworkers slugging through day three of a juice-based detox program, or the group of teens on line, waiting to order a Razzmatazz at the local Jamba Juice. Yes, juice culture is ubiquitous—and with everyone from Starbucks to local supermarkets looking to introduce their own blends in the near future, the competition will only get stiffer.

But that doesn’t bother Melvin Major Jr. The man behind the counter at Melvin’s Juice Box—part of the casual annex to Soho’s West Indian-inspired hot spot, Miss Lily’s—has been in the game for over 20 years now, mastering his blends with a DJ’s diligence, and amassing a following—including a slew of celebrities—in the process.

“Nah, they can’t touch me,” he says with a disarming laugh—and when Liv Tyler is a regular, you know he ain’t never told no lie.

In our interview, Major opens up  about how he almost went down the wrong path before getting into the juice game. He also shares tips on kicking off the year off right whether you’re a juice noob or you’ve been a connoisseur since Very Fine. Stay thirsty.

As told to David Lee (@rekstizzy)