It’s the launch of the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas today, which means an onslaught of newfangled machines and devices for the tech world to go crazy over. It also brings a glimpse into many kitchen products we might be seeing in the near future.

Though there are many more reveals to come, early reports from the front lines suggest that one key trend will continue: Removing our direct involvement in the basic processes of cooking and eating, and allowing the machines to take over.

There is HAPIfork, a digitized utensil that sends a buzz warning when you eat too quickly with it. Meanwhile, Samsung introduced “a refrigerator/freezer combo that allows you to change a portion of your freezer into a fridge.”

For other companies, capitalizing on people’s obsession with smartphones seems to be the driving force behind product designs. LG’s new kitchen system, for instance, includes an oven that offers remote checkups and a refrigerator that reveals its contents via one’s smartphone.

Marketed as the first Android oven, Dacor’s IQ Wall Oven “features a built-in [7-inch] display which can bring up recipes and then adjust the heat and cooking times to ensure best results.” Furthermore, “you can set it to start cooking at a certain time—and then send a message from your smartphone to delay it…if you get stuck at work.”

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