Bachelor parties are a rare opportunity to skip town for some quality hang time with just the dudes. They are also a chance to stuff yourself to the gills with the kinds of food you fantasize about at your desk, or when your lady asks to split a salad instead of the pork belly you really wanted.

Whether it’s actually a proper, blow-out “bachelor vacation” or just a simple weekend with a few old friends, half the excitement is figuring out where you’ll be eating, drinking, and acting like overgrown children. And since bros are just as likely to be obsessed with James Beard Award–winning chefs as breastaurants, don’t be afraid to add a little refinement to the accepted playbook of steakhouses and strip clubs.

Instead of all the tired getaway destinations chalk full of gross bars and all-inclusive buffet trash, we suggest ten cities where you can unleash the elevated man-child within: We’re talking regional barbecue meccas, craft-beer hubs, and places where you can follow up rounds of pre-Prohibition cocktails with a trip to a vegan strip club.

It’s all here, without that bush-league trip to Atlantic City that you’re brother-in-law wanted to take. Without further ado, we present the ultimate guide to bachelor tripping with your food-hound buddies.