Nation Restaurant News reports that there has been a clear shift in the fast-food industry of late. Despite the inroads made by health advocates, fast food has become even more accessible. And all this has to do with the increasing rate of fast food-chains setting up shop in non-traditional venues.

These days, you can find a Subway, Starbucks, or Pizza Hut at your local super convenience stores, like Target and Walmart. It’s a win-win for both sides, writes Brad Tuttle of Time. For fast-food chains, “it’s easier and cheaper to set up and run an operation within another store — and take advantage of the steady stream of customers — rather than build from the ground up.”

Meanwhile, for the convenience stores, the new additions “provide another reason why shoppers might want to swing by, browse the aisles, linger longer in stores or just fill up the car with gas.”

[via Time]