Okay, final house cleaning and then it’s time to start living these trends, not just predicting them. In addition to the pieces from Eatocracy and the New York Times, here’s some more crystal-balling on everything from eco-packaging to sustainable farming.

  • Chicago Tribune: Greek yogurt and regional cooking show no signs of waning; noodles will become a new favorite.
  • The New York Times: We’re about to see a preference for a pork product of different ilk: Chicharrones over bacon.
  • Today: Food packaging will get more eco-friendly, with innovations like edible flavored cups and burrito bowls made with sugar cane pulp.
  • Businessweek: California is about to witness a boom in homegrown food purveyors, thanks to the California Homemade Food Act that took effect on Jan. 1.
  • Forbes: The founder of Food + Tech Connect predicts that mobile and sensor technology will allow home cooks to do “everything from checking how much milk they have left in the refrigerator, to turning the oven on from another room.”
  • New Times Phoenix: Arizona is apparently a beef town, but that will change as “chicken is the new beef.”