Portland residents aren’t too impressed that their finally city has its own Zagat edition—not when it took three-plus decades for the brand to finally tackle the Pacific Northwest’s culinary crown jewel.

Michael Russell of The Oregonian is trying to make sense of the recognition, which seems to follow on the coattails of popular media coverage of the city’s food scene. Ultimately, he chalks it up to the 2011 purchase of Zagat by Google. He figures, “Portland’s guidebook is likely driven as much by Google’s desire to expand its content-rich search results as it is by the city’s dynamic dining scene.” 

The Portland Mercury‘s Chris Onstad describes receiving the burgundy tome as “one of those weird feelings not unlike hearing that INXS is coming to play.” He recommends that people refer to any other source but Zagat for tips—he’ll even field your questions, using the 2013 Portland City Guide only for location information.