With the advent of YouTube, some public mistakes never really go away—in fact, they’re available for replay at all hours of the day. For fast food companies, this means we’re slow to forget the Burger King creepy mascot and the KFC Famous Bowls, memorably skewered by Patton Oswald. Huffington Post gathered the most memorable fails from the  history of fast-food chains attempting to launch new items.

BK, for instance, brought us the Enormous Omelet Sandwich, an impractical breakfast sandwich that came in at 730 calories and 44 grams of fat. Pizza Hut’s Priazzo Pie, which featured two layers of crust, was a little too insane and fell off the menu withing a few years.

Not that all the ideas failed entirely. Some were just ahead of their time. We bet if BK introduced their Burger Bundles (one of mini-burger’s precursors) now, they’d find more willing patrons to justify its menu addition.

[via Huffington Post]