It’s easy to hate on Mario Batali for his signature orange Crocs and his prodigious use of the exclamation weeeeeee! on Twitter. But let us never forget that the man is a straight-up legend with more Italian cooking knowhow in his ponytail than most wannabe celebu-chef will accrue in a lifetime.

Furthermore, a closer look at that Twitter stream—followed by a cool 410,000 users—reveals that he’s using the social media tool exactly how chefs should: To dispense real, actionable cooking tips. Among the gleeful declarations and retweets of Babbo lunch specials, Batali does a great job of responding to the kitchen conundrums of his fans. Just as his micro-drinking column in the New York Times’ “one-page magazine” demonstrates each week, economy is his forte when it comes to teaching people how to eat and booze better.

Here, we present 20 Batali tweets that we found particularly useful, tackling topics such as how to cook meat and pasta, recipes for soup, and even what to eat before running a race (pasta, then protein).

Click through the gallery above to see 20 how-to tweets from @MarioBatali.