Forget what you think you know about the average woman’s appetite. Nebraskan Molly Schuyler downed a five-pound barbecue feast, continuing the work of Sonya “The Black Widow” Thomas to dispel perceptions that ladies can’t put it down like men in the world of competitive eating.

Having already met the Adam Emmenecker Challenge twice, she was recently in pursuit of a third victory and a better overall time at Jethro’s BBQ ‘n Jambalaya in Waukee, Iowa. The 120-pound mother of four packed away a sandwich that consisted of the following layers, in order:

  • one half of a sandwich bun
  • a half pork tenderloin and a half buffalo chicken breast
  • an 8-ounce bacon cheeseburger
  • two deep-fried slabs of cheese
  • a ladleful of white cheddar cheese sauce
  • strips of freshly sliced brisket
  • the other halves of the chicken and the pork
  • the other half of the sandwich bun

The sandwich is speared with two wooden skewers and a spicy pickle, and it’s accompanied by a pound of waffle fries on the side. Schuyler managed to claim victory in under eight minutes, leaving a comfortable 7-minute cushion between her time and the 15 minutes allotted. It wasn’t enough to beat the standing record of seven and a half minutes, but she is pretty damn close at seven minutes and 53 seconds.

It is no easy feat, considering even Adam Richman of Man Vs. Food was unable to finish the behemoth in time.

[via USA Today]