For many, Hostess Brands snack cakes elicit a wave of nostalgia for a bygone era. When news of the Twinkie’s potential demise hit, it even got love from those who seemed the least likely to care: Nutritionists waxed sentimental about the line of snack cakes. A lot of people began to stockpile Twinkies in the wake of the announcement, but few more fervently than Nancy Peppin. The difference is that in her case, the stash wouldn’t be meant for eating.

First inspired by Andy Warhol, the Reno-based artist has been using Twinkies and the packaging they come in to make various pieces since 1975. Her “Twinkies in history series” is about “how scientists such as John James Audubon, Charles Darwin and Leonardo da Vinci would have sketched and written about Twinkies in journals or books.” The yellow snack cake also appears in watercolors, mixed media, and prints. 

As Peppin told the Associated Press, the possibilities for placing Twinkies in other historical contexts are endless.

[via The Washington Post]