Amazingly, we’ve run into coworkers today who are still feeling the effects of a New Year’s night gone wild. And unless you made some sort abstemious resolution, you’ll probably be seeing another one in the near future. Bon Appétit has your back with a round-up of tried and true cures the world over. Among the soups, stews, and carb-heavy dishes, you will likely find at least one option that appeals.

  • Pasta Carbonara. This Italian pasta dish is composed in large part of bacon and eggs.
  • French Onion Soup. The classic French soup is built on sweet onions, then topped with bread and cheese.
  • Shakshouka. Of North African and Israeli origin, the egg scramble is made with tomato sauce and flatbread.
  • Congee. A Chinese breakfast of simple rice porridge served with small sides like pickles, fermented tofu, or sliced bamboo.
  • Pickles. Pickled liquids and/or foods are relied upon by Russians, Germans, North Europeans, Japanese, and Peruvians.
  • Haejangguk. The Korean “soup for a hangover” uses cabbage, solid ox blood, various vegetables, and beef broth.
  • Tripe. Tripe is the star ingredient in curative soups popular in Mexico, Turkey, and Greece.
  • Hair of the Dog. Bon Appetit doesn’t recommend fighting a bout of overindulgence with more alcohol. But in Costa Rica and Finland, you may find that people feel differently.

[via Bon Appétit]