Lending further credence to reports of a culinary shift in the City of Brotherly Love, The Inquirer reports on a slate of new fast-casual restaurants that are using quality ingredients in a health-conscious way. The local paper says, “Along with Rotisseur, in-and-out spots like Honeygrow, HipCityVeg, and Pure Fare are nudging into the fast-food territory previously dominated by pizza, hoagies, and cheesesteaks.”

Whereas Philly cheesesteaks have defined the city’s food culture for many, newcomers like Rotisseur and Pure Fare are introducing a focus on ingredient sourcing, healthier recipes, and/or sustainable practices. This often results in higher prices for customers who may not see the same value-to-cost breakdown. As a result, owners are tasked with altering customer notions about food pricing, as well as ideas about the worth of food.

[via Philly]