From the ballot initiative on mandatory GMO labeling in the state of Washington to Beyonce becoming the face of Pepsi (again), food and politics are often impossible to separate. Here, we run through some of the past week’s news and opinions on current events involving food in the political arena.

  • Los Angeles Times: The French Champagne industry is upset at the White House over the use of ‘champagne’ in reference to sparkling California wine. According to the group, only sparkling wine from the Champagne region of France can boast that appellation.
  • Bloomberg: In Venezuela, a nationwide campaign is in effect to fight the hoarding and price inflation of necessities like sugar, which the government points to as one major reason for the shortage of basic goods.
  • The Independent: To help combat the “deep injustice in the way food is grown and distributed,” the nonprofit organization Oxfam launched the “Food for All” campaign. It includes a series of photos depicting families who are among the estimated 868 million people worldwide suffering extended periods of hunger.
  • Financial Times: The U.S. and Great Britain are not the only countries tackling the rise of obesity. Countries like Egypt are also confronting the issue, which is why Alice Fishburn considers changing appetites to be “one of this century’s greatest challenges.”
  • MSNBC: Melissa Harris-Perry says legislators need to address the issue of the food and beverage industry’s negative impact on public health.
  • The Washington Post: Michael F. Jacobson thinks the Food and Drug Administration should update the nutritional label to better reflect the “advances in nutrition research since 1993,” which will “spur companies to market much healthier foods and encourage consumers to make smarter choices.”