Alongside card sharks, ski bunnies, and impulse-prone romantics, Reno, Nevada could be a refuge for foie gras purveyors, says Reno Gazette-Journal‘s Yun Long. When faced with the potential loss of nearly 40% of her foie gras supplies, Laurel Pine moved her Napa Valley-based online gourmet food site, Mirepoix USA, to Reno.

Mirepoix currently offers about 40+ products related to foie gras, along with other selections like truffles and caviar. Pine sees potential in Reno becoming the next destination for foie gras purveyors and buyer. Fewer than 12 restaurants in the city serve it currently.

She tells Long, “Honestly, any animal that is raised for food is probably not living an ideal life because they are going to be killed anyway. I really don’t think that foie gras is any different than any other animal that is raised for food. I respect people that are against that concept, but foie gras shouldn’t be singled out.”

[via Reno Gazette-Journal]