Gawker warns that we have nowhere to hide from the flu this season, unless you reside in Connecticut. Your best bet is to meet the flu head on by getting vaccinated and/or taking antibiotics if you’re in the midst of battling it. Of course, there’s also something to be said for bolstering your immunity as prevention—not to mention easing the discomfort of symptoms when you are nursing the illness.

CBS Local (Dallas) suggests mushrooms, yogurt, and hot chocolate as foods that can help in the battle against getting sick. High in the mineral selenium, nuts can increase immunity as well. separates fact from fiction when it comes to common suggestions on how to fight the flu. Vitamin C? Yes. Echinacea or garlic? Not quite. Try zinc supplements instead. And don’t underestimate the restorative powers of chicken soup. For those who don’t like noodles in their chicken soup, there is an alternative—try The Independent‘s chicken barley soup with courgettes (zucchini).