The odds of running a successful restaurant are slim for the average owner, but challenges reach a whole new level when you’re contending with extreme natural elements. Instead of fighting against the cold in Quebec, the makeshift Snow Village Hotel makes it work in its favor, creating a wedding chapel, a bar, and a fully operational restaurant constructed entirely out of ice.

The Pommery Ice Restaurant is kept between 23 to 28.4 degrees Fahrenheit. Executive chef Matthieu Saunier of the InterContinental Hotel in Montreal runs the kitchen of the Pommery as well, putting forth prix-fixe dinners that feature dishes like “Jerusalem artichoke and cauliflower cream soup with stewed wild boar.” Saunier tells The Globe and Mail that “the kitchen is really small and to prepare is difficult.”

Up to 100 guests can keep warm with faux fur blankets draped over carved chairs made of ice, while they dine on ice tables with “wooden boards made from tree trunk husks [that] act as placemats.”

The Snow Village Hotel returned to Montreal this year after a successful run during during its premiere season last winter.

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