On NPR’s The Salt, we learned yesterday that those insane Epic Meal Time concoctions had a precedent: None other than Elvis Presley and his penchant for an over-the-top junk food creation called the Fool’s Gold Loaf.

Nick’s Cafe in Denver, Colorado, is the current home to the dish, which is a PBJ & B—peanut butter, jelly (blueberry preserves), and bacon—stuffed in a loaf of French bread then deep-fried. The owner Nick Andurlakis first served Presley the sandwich at the Colorado Mine Company; he later opened Nick’s Cafe when the company closed.

The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll didn’t think twice about going out of his way to get a sandwich. The Salt tells of a $16,000 food run made in 1976. Presley and his entourage took a private plane to Denver. The sandwich itself was $49.95, which by today’s standards, is a small fortune.

[via NPR]