If you didn’t already think American craft beer was on the path to world domination, recent expansion news from Brooklyn Brewery and Stone Brewing Company will reveal how our “soft” powers are no longer limited to pop music, Hollywood films, and fast food.

First up, Stone: The San Diego brewery is planning to open a $24 million hotel across the street from its soon-to-be-completed Stone Brewing World Bistro and Garden. In addition, travelers will soon be able to find Stone brews at San Diego International Airport. And further down the pipeline is a brewery in an undetermined European city. What can be expected at a brewery-owned hotel? Sabrina LoPiccolo, a spokesperson for the brand, shared some of the possible amenities with NBC San Diego, including “beer taps in every room and a bar where people check in.” There will also be two acres of event space where couples can pledge their eternal love for one another over rounds of hoppy IPAs.

Meanwhile, New York Daily News reports that the 25-year-old Brooklyn Brewery will open a downtown Stockholm pub with a harbor view and capacity to host 250 people (Sweden has traditionally been the brewery’s largest market outside of the U.S.). The Williamsburg outfit will fly Swedish brewers out for an exchange program of sorts. Once they learn in-house secrets, it’s up to them to carry on the brewery’s good name and create new beers available exclusively at the new pub.

[via NBC San Diego; New York Daily News]