If you want to eat healthier when dining out, keep the acronym SPE in mind. The New York Times profiled Emmanuel Verstraeten, who is seeking to implement the notion of “Sanitas Per Escam,” or “health through food” at restaurants. The Belgian entrepreneur owns Rouge Tomate restaurant in New York City, where he’s attempting to accomplish something that many would see as revolutionary: Make healthy dishes taste good.

Rouge Tomate is the headquarters for Verstraeten’s concept. Chef Jeremy Bearman collaborates with the in-house nutritionist Kristy Lambrou to create SPE-worthy dishes. The red, curlicued logo signifying “SPE-certified” has already made the rounds outside of the restaurant. Supporters like Hooni Kim, chef-owner of Danji, also incorporated the system on his menus.

Verstraeten is hoping for “that crimson logo appear on menus around the world—at fast-food stands and four-star palaces, on cruise ships and in college cafeterias.”

[via New York Times]