London-based newspaper The Guardian found some of the trendiest food offerings of 2012 rather befuddling. Food fads can be tricky to navigate, so they decided to break down some of the more puzzling items for their readers in a Hipster Food Glossary: sliders, ceviche, whipped butter, and bubble tea all made the list. They also define “dirty”, a term referring to items that you’d find at any American diner menu: burgers, fries dripping in grease and sauce, and all the rest of the “filthy, no-collar food.”

Our British friends are also looking for answers about mac and cheese: “Explain, then, mac’n’cheese: which has nothing to do with Big Macs, or two separate food items, but is simply a big, brash JR Ewing take on something we already had a name for: macaroni cheese.”

You say tomahtoe, we say tomato.

[via The Guardian]