There are a lot of food shows—whether on YouTube, cable, or network TV—to choose for your viewing pleasure. For every one that gets suited up for primetime, there are those that remain extremely niche (often for good reason). Bon Appétit has rounded up nine shows running with their own flavor.

From what we’re seeing though, ‘weird’ should be a badge of honor. With the same pantheon of celebrity chefs showing up in shows across media, it’s fun to check out a mix of unique perspectives on what makes food entertaining.

While Close to the Bone: Surgeons and Chefs seem like a sketch comedy show, there is also Cookin’ Good with the Cola Sisterswhich doesn’t take itself as seriously and comes across genuine as a result. Then there is Cooking with Dog, in which which a half-meditating gray poodle seems to be the narrator/instructor.

[via Bon Appétit]