AvroKO is a design firm well-known in the restaurant and bar community for creating some of the most eye-catching and transporting spaces in the game. The team of four—Greg Bradshaw, William Harris, Kristina O’Neal, and Adam Farmerie—met back in their late teens and come from varied backgrounds in the arts and architecture. Together, they have developed a knack for fashioning cohesive spaces that attempt to tell a story without beating patrons over the head with their cleverness.

Most of of the group’s concepts are driven by a simple goal: To recreate historical events or places from the past, but with an updated, modern twist. The scenes they conjure incorporate both scavenged elements, as well as original pieces crafted to fit the aesthetics of the fantasies they dream up. As the theater of dining becomes more and more important these days, the AvroKO squad is leading the charge to make the surroundings as memorable as the food and drinks.

To get a better sense of how they tackle these ambitious design projects, we asked them to share some insights into their process and inspiration. Here, take a look inside ten restaurants and bars that span New York, San Francisco, and Hong Kong, showcasing eye-catching elements like a wall of meat cleavers, a chandelier wrought of barnacles, and horseshoes hanging from the rafters.