Consider Andy Milonakis’ new YouTube cooking show, Makeshift Gourmet, an absurdist tangent of Alton Brown’s Good Eats. There’s knowledge dropped via video graphics, not to mention the asides in the form of skits—or in this case pseudo reality-TV-moments—meant to be entertaining lesson aids.

As the “Makeshift Gourmet,” the comedian aims to make, well, sh*t gourmet on his new series. He promises at the beginning of the premiere episode to take “popular, very familiar grocery items” and “combine them with pristine, gourmet, expensive items” to create a dish.

In this episode, he decides to soup up a box of Hamburger Helper that he grabbed (literally) from a local grocery store. He stops by the Cheese Store in Beverly Hills where he is helped by a gentleman who keeps a straight face when Milonakis says that powder cheese will be enough for the dish. Instead, he buys $562.50 worth of black truffles. We won’t say with what he compares them to, because some details should await your viewing.

In the kitchen, he is joined by David Arquette. The plan is to add two different types of Wagyu beef (one from Canada and another from Australia), then top with fresh black truffles. The actual cooking is done mostly by Milonakis, who grinds the meat and cooks the Hamburger Helper somewhat according to directions. One lesson you’ll want to keep in mind? Fat means flavor. When it finally came time to eat, the consensus is that the freshly ground Wagyu beef and shaved truffles made their macaroni “exquisite.”

Viewers can leave suggestions on his page to direct him to the next grocery item to make “gourmet.”