Gravlax (cured salmon) is one of those foods that most of us love but few of us want to make ourselves. We’d rather leave it to experts to determine the best curing time and sugar ratio required for the Scandinavian specialty. Still, Esquire thinks we should give homemade gravlax a chance. To make this happen, they shared a recipe from chef Marcus Jernmark. 

The chef of Aquavit in NYC developed a recipe that has six ingredients and requires about four hours of cure time. During a visit to witness this magic for themselves, Esquire found that Jernmark relies on a liquid cure made up of salt and sugar dissolved in water. To speed up the process, he uses “smaller pieces of salmon—loins, instead of whole sides.”

The rest of the recipe calls for lemons, dill, and white peppercorns. The reduced curing time means you can just leave the salmon in the refrigerator, though you do have to flip the salmon every hour while it cools. For serving, Jernmark suggests rye bread, mustard, and lemon segments.

[via Esquire]