Taking food fights to the next level, the annual Els Enfarinats festival just unfolded in Ibi, Spain at the end of last week. We’re talking about a citywide, police-sanctioned battle royale involving the basic makings of a good cake—plenty of eggs and flour—and no small amount of mischief. The nearly two-century-old Valencian tradition is tied to the Day of the Innocents, which is akin to an April Fool’s.

Els Enfarinats is a mock fight between two groups—one called ‘Els Enfarinats’ and the other ‘La Oposicio’—who duke things out for charity. As NBC reports, Els Enfirarinats “take the control of the village for one day, pronouncing ridiculous laws and fining the citizens that infringe them, and [the] group called ‘La Oposicio’ which try to restore order.” The money raised is directed toward worthy causes around the village.

All in all, it looks like a lot more fun than Fruit Ninja. Sometimes the old-school games are the best.

[via NBC News]