This is a response to The 20 Most Annoying Things Servers Do at Restaurants.

Being a server is a special kind of job. It requires a lot of patience and a lot of attention to detail, because at the end of the day, you are dealing with people more than you are food, and people can be really, really stupid.

Keep in mind that while you are treating your server like your servant, this person might have a master’s degree and play music in a band you love, and maybe he or she is your neighbor, too. In other words, servers are part of the human race. So show them some respect, or suffer the consequences of being called names behind your back.

For whatever reason, people who are lovely and normal in the real world sometimes transform into enormous douches upon entering a restaurant. Servers watch fights unfold and relationships unravel over the course of a super hectic, stressful night of service. Good servers are literally there to help diners have a good night, eat good food, and enjoy themselves. Try to remember this while you are bitching about your under-foamy cappuccino and how you wish the chicken parmesan could be prepared unbreaded.

Here are ten things that drive servers absolutely insane. Please control yourself.