For a limited time, $79 will buy D.C. residents a slot at Biz Markie’s healthy cooking class. An extra $20 scores an upgrades to a seat at the Chef’s Corner and a tee shirt  to take home.

Hosted by Living Social, the class will feature the gregarious rapper showing attendees how to make three of his favorites dishes, including chicken satay with peanut sauce, shrimp and vegetable stir fry, and sugar-free cupcakes. If you’re wondering what the hell Biz knows about cooking, Huffington Post points to what appears to be his supposed Amazon account, on which which he reviews cookware and cookbooks. So yeah—he’s an expert!

In a review of New Dawn Kitchen: Gluten-Free, Vegan, and (easily) Sugar-Free Desserts, the-user-who-or-may-not-be Biz Markie says, “NOTHING we made was worth the cost of the ingredients. And no, we’re not kitchen or baking novices. We know what we’re doing.”

The class is part of the 918 F Street series that offers different interactive experiences, from cooking classes and concerts.

[via Huffington Post]