On behalf of its hometown, Eater PDX embraces its hipster identity (sort of). The team set out to investigate which real Portland restaurant might have been the inspiration for the fictional one(s) referenced in a recent episode about Portlander Terrance.

On the show, Terrance moves away from Oregon because “Portland just got too played out. The city used to be real. Do you know there are now restaurants there with two locations? Not near my kids.”

In response, Eater PDX locked down eight restaurants as the possible target of this holier-than-though slight—joints like Bunk Sandwiches, Sizzle Pie, and Lardo are among those assessed for their “realness factor” and “aura-killing expansion.”

Not surprisingly, no real conclusion has been drawn. Still, Eater PDX does an admirable job of taking the subliminal diss on its city and making lemonade (aka a list) out of it.

[via Eater PDX]