The predicting of trends is an annual media tradition, and it’s damn fun—writers get to say things like, “Vegetables will be the new black,” and “Keep an eye on Cambodian-Canadian fusion,” with all the confidence of the Oracle of Delphi.

But we’re not about to let people off the hook that easy. This year, we’re taking a look back at the prophesies delivered for 2012 to see who was on point and who was talking straight nonsense. Pundit accountability is all the rage in politics, so why not food?

Since we couldn’t cover all the trends that were predicted (some ridiculous exclusions: the end of all food trucks, breakfast cookies, something about fennel pollen, and “the canelé as the new cupcake”), we picked ten of the most interesting calls that didn’t seem like total cop-outs. We also included some thoughts about where things are headed in 2013, so feel free to give us a taste of our own medicine next December.