Friday marks the debut of Epic Chef, the new show from the creator of hit YouTube series, Epic Meal Time. Reuters visited the set of the cooking competition show, and its account paints a picture of gluttony and hijinks—so pretty much exactly what we all imagined it would be like.

Fans of the extreme cooking show will be happy to know that there’s no shortage of bacon or Jack Daniels. In fact, they are prominent figures in the competition show, which challenges contestants to prepare “outrageous heart-attack-inducing meat-laden dishes with massive calorie, fat and cholesterol content.” A panel composed of food personalities like Duff Goldman will judge participating chefs (think Ilan Hall, winner of a Top Chef season) on taste, presentation, and best use of ingredients.

Reuters divulges that an upcoming episode will center on chicken, with creations like a bacon-wrapped fried chicken stuffed with a hash composed of Cheetos, Doritos, and corn dog(s). Other dishes “include gingerbread houses made of meat, human head-sized egg rolls, and meat breakfast cereal with gravy.”

[via Reuters]