Vik Says is where we let our mascot, Vik, vents his feelings each week: 10 things he’s loving, and 10 things he wishes would just go away. Check out the best and worst of the week below.


1. Instagram food photos that don’t suck.
2. Christmas beers on a cold night.
3. Colony Grill pizza.
4. Enjoying cereal as an adult.
5. Eating cassoulet, chili, and fondue all winter.
6. A really good donut paired with stale coffee.
7. Women who know their whiskey.
8. Swagged-out lunch boxes.
9. Ridiculous vending machine purchases.
10. Beer-inspired riffs on classic American art.


1. Odd little kids who climb over the booth divider and stare at you while you eat.
2. The age of the $4 coffee.
3. Restaurants that quote a four-hour wait then suggest that “the time will fly by” at the bar.
4. Unnavigable restaurant websites.
5. The person who took the last nacho chip.
6. People who insist that a restaurant should be cheap just because it serves non-Western food.
7. Russians drinking mediocre bourbon on yachts.
8. Deworming halibut filets.
9. Waiters who use the word delish.
10. Hooligans causing the price of the pint to go up.