As blurred as the lines have gotten between writer and subject in restaurant criticism today, it’s still rare to turn the lens completely onto those writing the reviews. According to Variety, that’s exactly what you can look forward to in a forthcoming documentary about veteran food scribe Jonathan Gold. Directed by Laura Gabbert (No Impact Man), the untitled film will track “Gold’s quests to discover offbeat eateries in Los Angeles.”

Don’t be fooled by the photo of the Los Angeles Times restaurant critic posing behind a menu. A quick web search will turn up at least a couple dozen photos of him, a testament to his celebrity in Los Angeles and really to anyone who follows food in media. He is the first food critic to win a Pulitzer Prize, and so far remains the only one to have done so.

Funding for the documentary will come from investor Jamie Wolf, who has known Gold for years. As he told Variety, Gold “seems like the ideal guide to the extraordinary multi-facetedness of this indefinable city.”

[via Variety]