Each year brings its passing language fads—one moment everyone’s yelling swag, then you turn around and it’s nonstop YOLO. The food world is no different, especially since buzzy trends like locavorism and New Nordic often require their own nomenclature.

So, while Time has done in its general list of words to get rid of in 2013, we’re more inclined to welcome in the new. Thankfully, Grubstreet New York has come up with some clever portmanteaus to add to your vocab in the new year. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Faux-raging (verb). “The blatant misappropriation of the word used to describe rummaging through the wilderness in order to find edible things to describe conventional shopping experiences.”
  • Foodhazing (verb). The act of bragging about delicious food via social media platforms.
  • Bitterati (noun). A group of “people who macerate barberry root on the backbar and cloud your gimlet with drops of rhubarb, or suggest you try some pimento in your Sazerac.”
  • Farmwashing (verb). Trying to appear as if practicing farm-to-table, applicable in particular to fast-food restaurants.
  • Make it snow (verb). This is “when someone shaves very, very expensive white truffles over your food.”

[via Grub Street New York]