New trends often prefigure a death knell for old favorites. This is particularly true in the food industry as chains like Tony Roma’s and TCBY have been on the wane, while more recent arrivals like Chipotle and Yogurtland have become an everyday go-to. The recession is only one of the reasons for this shift; a lack of updates on menu options would be another. NBC News traces the beginning of the end for five former giants:

  • It’s not easy to locate a TCBY near you, as the “country’s first yogurt shop” is only keeping 405 of its stores while 1,372 were shuttered.
  • The fact that Damon’s Grill and Bar‘s menu is no longer unique contributed to the 75.4 percent of sales lost.
  • Whereas “no major restaurant has lost as much of its business as Bennigan’s” in the past decade, don’t rule out a comeback—a new group of investors have plans to reintroduce the country to the Irish-themed restaurant.
  • Country Kitchen got its start in 1939, but has witnessed faltering sales. This is no doubt due to how it “exists in the highly competitive mid-scale family style market.”
  • After declaring bankruptcy in 2004, Ground Round Grill & Bar hasn’t been able to recapture the days before it shuttered 106 restaurants.

[via NBC News]