Whether you’re new to the kitchen or a seasoned pro, accidents and annoyances abound when you’re cooking.

To help you out, Lifehacker presents a list of the top 10 most common problems, along with simple solutions for fixing them. It’s one of those compilations worthy of getting¬†printed, laminated, and kept in an easy-to-access place in case of emergencies and all that.¬†We stripped down the tips even further for quick reference:

  • Killing fruit flies. Set up a trap using apple cider vinegar and a drop of dish soap.
  • Dealing with messy pizza. To stop toppings from falling off your delivery pizza slice, order your pizza uncut and slice it yourself. It’s easier to cut cleanly once the ingredients have had a chance to set.
  • Treating chili pepper burns. If you do accidentally touch your eyes after slicing chilies, flush them out with milk.
  • Bonus: Getting rid of residual chili pepper oils. Sometimes, chili peppers can leave invisible oils on your hands after you chopped/sliced/cut them, which in turn can cause chili pepper burn. To prevent this, rub olive oil on your hands after working with chilies.
  • Avoiding too much soda fizz. Wet your ice cubes before you pour in soda, which will quell the crazy fizzing action.
  • How to spread cold unspreadable butter. Use a cheese grater to create shredded butter, which melts faster.
  • Microwave cleaning. Heat a bowl of water in the microwave. The steam will make the dried bits of food residue loosen up so that you can easily wipe them away.
  • No more onion tears. Breathe through your mouth while you hold your tongue against the roof of your mouth. Or you can cut out the core where the roots are located.
  • Neutralize smelly raw fish. Milk comes to the rescue again. Briefly soak smelly fish in milk to control the odor. Don’t forget to pat your fish dry of milk before cooking it, though.
  • Bonus: Getting rid of the garlic smell on your hands. Rub your fingers with a stainless steel object, like a spoon, under running water.
  • Minimizing juice spills. Pour your drink of choice with a stirrer (or chopstick) across the mouth of the jug to direct the liquid and prevent spillage.
  • Avoid alerting a sensitive smoke alarm. Don’t take out the batteries. Just cover the smoke alarm with shower cap or plastic wrap, keeping it in place with a rubber band. Be sure to remove cap/wrap after you’re done cooking.

[via Lifehacker]