It seems like each week just brings another food recall. The latest example is from frozen-food purveyor TJ, which called back its butter chicken with basmati rice meals.

In more positive news, New Jersey mayor Cory Booker participated in the SNAP/Food Stamp Challenge, bringing attention to the difficulties facing those living off government assistance. He spent most of his allotted $30 on produce and legumes, such as canned beans, fresh yams, and apples. Here are the other health-related stories worth noting:

  • Web MD: A new study says exposure to dichlorophenols (DCPs)—found in pesticides used in everyday products like purified drinking water, moth balls, and air fresheners—is responsible in part for the higher incidence of food allergies.
  • Business Insider: Two Stanford University researchers warn that reports linking certain foods with cancer are often specious—there is not enough data to back up the findings.
  • Bloomberg Businessweek: Just because food is organic food doesn’t mean it’s free of bacteria like salmonella, as was the case with the organic peanut butter produced by Sunland. Other unpleasant discoveries in organic food include live frogs and arsenic.
  • The Washington Times: Stick to foods that are shades of blue and green if you want to reduce your appetite, says a Boston University psychology study. In contrast, the color red can lead to an increase in your appetite.
  • The New York Times: As you age, so does your sense of smell and, consequently, your sense of taste. For women, this will happen around ages 40-50; it’s a decade later for men (ages 50-60).