As the 2012 roundups continue to pour in, we look to Boston. Phoenix food critic MC Slim JB says it was the year of the burger in Beantown, with crowds going crazy for countless renditions of the classic sandwich.

On the less expensive end, there was UBurger and Tasty Burger. But new patties could also be found at white table cloth restaurants like Craigie on Main. For those who wanted something in the middle, there are Grass Fed and jm Curley.

Still, it wasn’t as dull of a year as you’d expect. The writer says there was also a “smaller flock” more enthused by the quest for new Asian spots serving ramen, Korean spicy chicken wings, and bao.

Beyond the singular comfort-food obsessions in the form of a burger or a bowl of noodles, Boston enjoyed a revival in quite a few neighborhoods, including the South End, Kendall Square, and West Roxbury. Meanwhile, the Seaport looks to be well on its way to becoming a culinary “Mall of America, augmented this year by new outlets of local restaurant fiefdoms like Empire and national chains like Rosa Mexicano.”

Craft cocktails and indie coffee options spread their tentacles across town. And as in other parts of the country, social media and food trucks continued to have a heavy influence on the way Bostonians dine.

One particularly noteworthy newcomer on the scene is Strip-T’s in Watertown. Trained under David Chang, Tim Maslow took over his dad’s restaurant and instituted some major changes. His new menu for Strip-T’s “somehow touched on every theme of the year—local raw bar and seafood, inventive use of offal, some Southern flavors, a vegetarian bánh mì, a knockout of a hambuger, a revelatory rendition of cauliflower, a terrific bowl of ramen, a jaw-dropping lamb-shoulder sandwich—and killed it on every one of them.”

To MC Slim JB, Maslow’s approach is very likely to drive Boston’s dining future.

[via The Phoenix]