We’ve all heard plenty of reports of the deliciousness of Portland’s food-cart culture, but outside of the city many of us may not know about the dangers of owning and operating a cart downtown.

Oregon Live reports of a fight that erupted among a dozen people, including homeless youth and food-cart owners, this past Monday. The incident joins “a rash of cart break-ins, thefts and vandalism across the city” that have been plaguing downtown operators. The trend of crime is a result of the ongoing “turf war” between the two groups over Stark Street and the Southwest Third Avenue sidewalk, as well as greater public safety issues. Built to Grill cart owner Brooke Howes predicts that the incidents will continue of there is not intervention.

Meanwhile, PDX971 owner Ed Sablan offers a different view on the homeless than others in the community. He has found that some of them help “[keep] an eye on the carts.” Essentially, as he found out, they “just wanted a dry place to hang out.”

[via Oregon Live]