For a food-media hound (or any media hound for that matter), one good thing about the year’s end is the collection of highlights compiled by various outlets. The Wall Street Journal gathered 13 of its most-read recipes from its columns “Slow Food Fast” and “Mega Meal.” Consider it a curated InstaPaper of sorts—one that’s particularly helpful to have when faced with the task of sifting through a year’s worth of recipes.

It turns out that what appeals to WSJ readers most are hearty, comforting dishes heavy on stews, braised meats, rice, and noodles. The range of flavors and cuisines is diverse, though. They are as likely to click on recipes for Indian snacks as they are for cassoulet (French), feijoada (Brazilian), or beef pho (Vietnamese).

If you’re looking for a New Year’s Day recipe that’ll help you bounce back from the previous night’s indiscretions, you might find some inspiration here.

[via The Wall Street Journal]