A Christmas Carol is a classic tale of redemption. In the hands of the men of Epic Meal Time, however, the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future transform into the spirits of bacon, booze, and, well, babes.*

So there is no real moral lesson to learn here, except the reaffirmation of all the hedonism that the popular YouTube series has been touting since its inception.

To their credit, the crew does bring us a pretty impressive white-chocolate Rice Krispies snowman complete with Oreo buttons, chocolate eyes, and a licorice lip. Each segment of the snowman includes a grip of bacon; this is in addition to the bacon woven into a scarf for the occasion. Not forgetting Jack Daniel’s, the men also used a mini bottle of the whiskey as the snowman’s pipe.

*A less flattering word for ‘babes’ was used, but we’re not about to cosign that.